Exploring a UX tool going beyond wireframing and prototyping

A short gif showing the TrueUX prototype

Yes, that’s command-based wireframing.


It’s work in progress, but something you can try out yourself for free (no account required) in our sandbox prototype.

Read about the latest progress over here. Want to see how it works


What is TrueUX?

We are exploring the nature of a true UX tool. ‘True’ in the sense that we are aiming for a comprehensive tool that goes beyond wireframing and prototyping. By building and sharing small prototypes and writing about it, more aspects of the desired tool are becoming clear.


Recently we have decided to go full steam ahead with our text command based wireframing as a first step towards our goal. It’s an experiment, and potentially a product, with these core values:


At its core, the tool is formed by how the different aspects are intertwined. Design elements like personas, customer journeys, information architecture and pages are all connected and used in relation to each other.


Easy communication

The tool is made to communicate the (state of the) design to different stakeholders effortlessly. This includes sending and receiving feedback, and sharing assets and different views on the design to support a range of communication needs.


Back in 2015, when Julius was a full time UX designer, he wrote A True UX tool. This article received a lot of response and the ‘sequel’ incorporated input from the CEO’s of the main UX tools at the time.

With these articles as our starting point, we recently started writing in our Proof of Concept publication on Medium. It’s all nice and well to lay out a vision, but the real learning starts when you get your hands dirty, start building something and gather feedback.

About Us


TrueUX is an idea and concept coined by Julius Huijnk. Together with Jochem Gerritsen, we’re on a mission to empower UX designers to better build a better world.

Julius Huijnk

Julius Huijnk

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Jochem Gerritsen

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